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Stanley E. Anderson
Professor of Chemistry Emeritus 



    POSS Trimer

Si - silicon   O = oxygen

  C = carbon      H = hydrogen

Li+ = lithium ion



You might enjoy the following poem:

The Polymers,those giant Molecules,  Like Starch and Polyoxymethylene,  Flesh out, as protein Serfs and plastic  Fools,                                                   This Kingdom with Life's Stuff.   Our time has seen The synthesis of Polyisoprene  And many cross-linked Helixes unknown  To Robert Hooke; but each primordial    Bean                                                   Knew Cellulose by heart.  Nature alone  Of Collegen and Apatite compounded   Bone.


John Updike from “The Dance of the Solids,” in

Midpoint and other Poems, New York, Alfred Knopf, 1968


National Research Council Senior Associateship Award 2003-2007

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Professional Activities


"Structural Studies of Polymers:  Fun, Exciting and Useful Science!" (annotated Powerpoint, 11 MB download)

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Research Interests

Ozone Measurement and Calibration

Pictures from Egypt 2000-01

Lake Arrowhead Ion Chemistry & Mass Spectrometry Conference, January, 2011


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