Field trip to Fatimid Cairo - February 17, 2001
Bab al-Futuh gate to Fatimid Cairo, built in 1087
Al-Hakim mosque on street leading from Bab al-Futuh gate.
A slice of life in Islamic Cairo
Recently restored street of merchants called Sharia Darb al-Asfar. Very nice...

Three old houses we will visit on this street

This merchants house is called Bayt al-Suhaymi. Built in the 16th and 17th centuries, it is one of Cairo's greatest houses

Woodwork is called mashrubbeyeh.
Turkish tiles decorate a dining area.
An entire wall of mashrubbeyeh look out onto a courtyard.
Koran reading room across from Shiite mosque.
Fatimid Shiite mosque architecture
Koran written on the wall
Leaving via the Al-Hakim Mosque and Bab al-Futuh gate

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