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Welcome to www.yarrgh.net--with two arrrrrrrrs!!!!!!!!

Yarrgh! Ahoy me matie! Welcome to the yarrgh.net--thats yarrgh, with two arrrrrrrrrs. Shiver me timbers, there be pirates hiding everywhere, so keep yer wits about ye. Beware the cap'n. A mean one that 'e is. Yearrrgh!

Now that you have listened to the pirates, play the pirate song!

A Pirate Walks Into a Bar
SO.... a pirate walks into a bar, and he has a huge steering wheel from a ship, stuck in the front of his pants. He sits down at the bar(don't ask how) and demands a drink. The befuddled bartender quickly complies, and hands him the drink. Finally, unable to contain himself any longer, the bartender says "Um, i dont mean to be rude, but do you mind me asking about that... huge thing... i mean... doesn't it bother you?"
Download the whole set of pirate noises:
Download the Pirate Song:
piratesong.mp3 --by Matt
Download other Pirate Songs!
piratesongII.mp3--by Matt
pirates!!.mp3--by Sterling from Arkansas
Suggestions for Pirate nose useage:
  • play all the yarrs back and fourth really fast. yarrgh! yarr! yar! yarrrgh! yarr yarrgh!
  • make a pirate sound scheme on your computer so that EVERY single event has a different pirate noise. then nobody can use your computer without being attacked by pirates!
  • set the 'recieve message' and 'send message' sounds on AIM to a different yarrgh each. that way all of your conversations will be filled with piraty fun! Yarr!
  • play all the sound bytes all the time over and over again at full volume. when your roommates complain tell them to 'walk the plank, yarr.' and other such pirate sayings.
  • download them to your computer and set system events to play the files randomly at different times. turn up the volume on your computer and leave the room. pretend you dont know what your roommates mean when they complain.
  • directly connect to people on AIM, and then at random parts in the conversation online gokken drag an appropriate sound byte into the window and send it.
Yarrgh! So who is the pirate?
Yarrgh, there be only one true pirate, and Darcy it is. Yarrgh! Who else would growl pirate noises constantly? Yarrgh! But the voice in the recordings is brenton. Matt Kissel put the song together. YAARRRRGH!

Got thee a pirate saying ye want to hear? Send 'er in, gar! thecaptain@yarrgh.net While you are at it, send in other piraty-type stuff ye want on this here site. Yarr!
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