Good Day Class of 84!

As you read this, you should have recovered from your turkey-induced slumber. I just love stuffing. Best part of the Thanksgiving meal, don't you think? Ok, I can anticipate the replies "Of course YOU enjoy the stuffing, Dave, as you tend to be full of it!"

I do wish to pass along my sincerest wishes that you and your family enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving, and will also enjoy a blessed Christmas. The world around us continues to evolve and change - sometimes for the better, sometimes . . . well I am not so sure. However, I continue to be reminded that the most important constant in my life is my faith in God and that His Son made the ultimate sacrifice for us! That thought keeps me focused on what is important.

For those of you who made it to Homecoming and our 25th Class Reunion - thank you for attending. I am sorry I exhibited poor timing and manners and came down with the flu. All feedback received was that everyone enjoyed their time on campus and reconnecting with friends. That was the goal, so thank you for making that a reality.

Cathy McGrath, who did attend our 25th Class Reunion Celebration, called me to share her thoughts about the weekend itself, and has graciously volunteered to share these thoughts with us.

Dear Class of 1984,

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I am leaving to do something, or be somewhere meaningful - everything seems to go wrong. I was planning on making it to our 25 year Westmont Reunion, but with a busy schedule, the swine flu taking its toll on all the schools and my husband out of town at a men's retreat - I wasn't sure I would actually make it to Santa Barbara. Thankfully I did make it and I am so grateful for that.

The weekend was full of fun activities for Westmont Alums. I was able to make it to the opening chapel and a few other activities, where it was nice to catch up with old friends – but my favorite event was the dinner for our Class of '84 Alums Saturday night in Page Hall. There was something very special about gathering with so many friends that we started "life" with. Many of us lived in Page, so it was particularly fun watching the current students come and go throughout the dinner. Dr. Gayle Beebe spoke for a few minutes and had a time for questions. It was neat to learn that he had spent a semester at Westmont in the fall of 1980, studying under Dr. Robert Gundry. After dinner, there was a time of sharing about what we are especially grateful for after these 25 years. To me, this was the best part because it allowed all of us to "catch up" a bit on each other's lives. Although so many years have passed, for a moment it seemed as if time stood still. Here was an amazing group of individuals, faith rooted in Christ, who have been living out their lives trying to make a difference in the world. Westmont's whole purpose is to equip students academically, emotionally and spiritually and send them out to be effective ambassadors for Christ. Westmont's mission is being accomplished!

After I returned home, I reflected about the weekend with some girlfriends in my Bible study group. Had I just returned from my high school reunion, I probably would have wanted to reconnect and really catch up with 4 or 5 friends. At our Westmont dinner, I found myself wanting to know what each person's journey has been over the last 25 years. Just hearing a few stories from fellow alums reminded me of what the awesome power of God can do in our lives and the unity that can bring. I thought, "This is what the community of Christ looks like." It was such a refreshing reminder to me that God uses a place like Westmont to prepare His servants to go out and impact lives, and give hope to a world that desperately needs it.

I am so grateful that I had the privilege of attending Westmont with all of you. Thank you, to those who attended Homecoming and hope to see those who missed it next time!

Isn't it nice to hear from someone other than me? I thought so.

Class Gift: For 2009, here are the numbers:
43% of our class gave, totaling $60,290.19!

Thank you! I continue to feel blessed by the continued generosity you demonstrate each and every year.

Here is a link to show you photos of progress on the campus. Since Homecoming in October, the baseball field now has grass, as does the new soccer field below. And the track is being laid. By late January these facilities should be available for use by our student-athletes.

Merry Christmas to you and family. Thank you for being such an important part of my life.

P.S. Have you moved lately? Had a child? Changed jobs? Gotten married? Update your profile on Westmont’s Alumni Directory and stay in touch with your classmates!

My son Campbell and his friend Alexis out surfing. Life is good!