Dear Class of 2003,

Merry Christmas! I hope that this year has been a rewarding and renewing one for you and your loved ones.

For the December edition of our Class Newsletter, I'd like to share with you the words I received from a couple of our classmates from Westmont. Kelsey and Andrew Teske and Gracie Chisholm have graciously agreed to give us an update about thier lives since their time at Westmont. A huge thanks goes out to them and their families for their contribution!

Kelsey and Andrew Teske

Andrew and I have been married 7 years. After graduating from Westmont and getting married, we spent 3 years living in Boulder, Colorado while Andrew finished graduate school. We have lived in Grand Junction, Colorado for the past 4 years. and now have an 18 month old son, Cooper, and our dog, Wennberg (named after Dr. Wennberg of course!). Andrew is an attorney and I stay at home with Cooper and work part time for Young Life.

Gracie Chisholm

As a Westmont sophomore, I led a prayer group for the persecuted church. As a missionary in South Africa, I became intimately acquainted with stories of pain and oppression. I know suffering exists and I find great fulfillment in the ability to meet suffering with faith, practical assistance, and hope for healing.

While I thrived as a missionary, I craved greater specialization - I wanted to use my valuable Westmont education as a platform for further professional development. After volunteering for a year at a torture treatment center, I decided to attend the University of Denver's law school because of its strong programs in public interest and international law. My goal was to graduate as a bilingual public interest attorney.

From the day my legal studies commenced, stories of suffering have continued to cross my path: a trip to Peru to meet with the family members of those killed in two massacres and to observe the trial of ex-president Fujimori; a friendship with a survivor of Argentina's Dirty War who has filed suit against military leaders responsible for her torture; and a legal internship working with detainees at an I.C.E. detention center. I continue to meet these stories with faith, practical assistance, and hope for healing. Halfway through my law degree, I have secured a summer public interest job and speak Spanish almost daily. Once again, I am thriving.

Again, thank you Kelsey, Andrew, and Gracie for your contributions!
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Merry Christmas and may God bless all you fellow Westmont Graduates. I hope to see you again soon.

Joshua Higa

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