Greetings Class of 2003!

Many of you may remember Mark McCormick, more famously known as "Mark the RD." Can you believe he has been the Resident Director of the Clark resident halls since 1989? This Spring will be his final semester serving and mentoring students at Westmont. Whether you were a Clarkster as a freshman or transfer-or even if you lived in Page-Mark's face is probably familiar to you. I know thinking about him and my first year at Westmont brings back a lot of wonderful memories. You can read more about his plans for the future in this recent Horizon article.

As you know, it is through the ministry of people like Mark that students grow into adulthood, building careers and raising families of their own. I would like to share with you something a current Westmont student has written about his experiences over the last four years at Westmont and hopes for the future.

In the words of a current Westmont student...

When you sense the direction the Lord wants you to follow, it's been my experience that it is futile to struggle against His will. As a second-generation minority, growing up in a gang-infested neighborhood in Saticoy, California, it would have been easy to fall into that cyclical poverty mindset. But that was not the Lord's will. I believe He specifically brought people into my life who would guide and show me how impactful a college degree would be.

From teachers to spiritual mentors, relatives to the admissions councilor at Westmont, I know that the Lord has a special plan predestined for me. Skipping the essential steps that lead me to Westmont, I can begin the story with the enrollment process. I appreciated Westmont's commitment to seeking Christ-centered individuals who have a passion for learning and not narrowing the application process to merely grade point averages and test scores. Westmont placed emphasis on character though clearly, they also assessed whether the student could handle the rigors of an academically challenging liberal arts institution. Once I was accepted into Westmont, I faced the harsh reality of paying the tuition bill. But here again the Lord showed His will, and with the combination of the generous financial aid package and help from my grandmother, I had a clear path to a college degree.

Now I stand on the edge of graduation, looking back at my four years at Westmont College. I cannot impress to you how many lasting memories I have made with these special, God-given friends and professors. I can say with all confidence the liberal arts education I received will serve me well throughout my life. The critical thinking skills I learned will allow me to assess every situation I encounter and make an informed decision. As a Business & Economics major, I see the importance my faith will play in my career choices. I learned that success is not measured by my bank account but rather by the lives I can positively impact. I'm so grateful to all the people who made my experience at Westmont life-changing. As I transition into the next phase of my life, my simple prayer for myself and for all who read this letter is this: Lord, may you always be held preeminent in our lives. We thank you for what you have done, what you are doing, and what you will do. Be ever near to us. Never let us stray, but if we should, grant us mercy. Amen.

Sammy Acosta '10
(B.A. - Economics and Business, minor in Religious Studies)

It is great to know Westmont is continuing to turn out bright, determined, and committed students who will be the leaders of their communities wherever in the world they might be. This year, nearly 340 Westmont students gave up their Spring break to serve in various underserved communities from Ensenada, Mexico to San Francisco. Thinking about Westmont students and alumni, I am reminded of the verse "I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus" (1 Cor 1:4). I am thankful to be a part of the community called the Class of 2003!

Joshua Higa '03

P.S. If you'd like to send Mark the RD a quick email before he leaves, he can be reached at

P.S.S. Many of you have already joined the Class of 2003 Facebook group, but for those who have not feel free to join, post photos, prayer requests, and updates on the wall. I will use the page as a way to share news about Westmont in between these eNewsletters.

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  • February 19: Westmont welcomed Mexico's former president Vicente Fox to campus. Watch his chapel address on YouTube.

  • February 26: Dr. Jeff Schloss, Professor of Biology at Westmont since 1981, received the T.B. Walker Chair in the Natural and Behavioral Sciences, which will allow him to collaborate more with students in research.

  • March 27: Spring Sing 2010 is at 6:30p.m. at the Santa Barbara County Bowl. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $23.

  • April 21: The Spring 2010 Student Research Symposium will feature students' research from all disciplines and majors.

  • May 7-8: At Commencement 2010, the Westmont community will honor 330 graduates and welcome them as new Westmont Alumni! Find out more on the Commencement Page.

  • May 17-June 30, Annual Class Challenge. Watch your mailbox for more information in the coming weeks.

  • June 24-26, Ashland Shakespeare Festival: Join Professor of English Paul Willis for 3 days of Shakespeare. Reserved seating is limited. Sign up today for Twelfth Night, Henry IV Part One, and Hamlet.

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