Happy Fall! For our family, this seasonal change always marks a time to get back into a routine; to reorient ourselves with a schedule following a handful of delightful weeks called Summer! This year, Summer was a little atypical as our son, Connor (13 years old), ran off to Kenya for five weeks to join his grandparents on the mission field. Although it wasn't Connor's first journey to the beautiful continent of Africa, this trip was slightly different from the last. You see, this time around Connor didn't want to come home. Why? Because home in the Fall is full of routine, and Connor fell in love with the adventure of how each day on the mission field can be so different from the last. For all you fellow parents out there, yes, Connor did end up occupying his scheduled seat assignments on the British Airways flights home and he has successfully reoriented himself with the routine of 8th grade, homework and after-school activities. However, if we could pass along just one thing our family learned from Connor's Summer it's this - we pray that as you and your family enter Fall, you can enjoy both the routine that it brings yet also embrace the moments of adventure that come along too. Happy Fall!

- Tyler & Kris Gibbs '91

Please join with us in enjoying the following updates from two of our Westmont '91 Classmates: Sonja Hansen and Christy (Naftzger) Mroz.


Sonja Hansen '91

Greeting to all of you from Illinois. If you had told me 20 years ago that in 2010 I would be happily living in the Midwest, married with kids, I would have laughed at you. Life has been quite a journey thus far. I live here with my husband and 2 sons, and work as a family physician in a clinic for the poor and uninsured.

Life has been an interesting mix of joys and sorrows. My biggest sorrows so far both occurred in 2004. We were devastated by the deaths of my mother and sister-in-law, as well as struggling to manage complications of a high-risk pregnancy and raise a toddler. I was overwhelmed most of the time and felt very far from God. I was stuck in my grief and missed Mom & sister Joan constantly.

God came to me, showing Himself through the kindness of family members, friends, and neighbors. I realized He was there, right beside me, offering comfort. I reached out to Him and asked for help. He has been very compassionate and has helped me heal and move through the stages of grief.

Maybe you are sad, grieving, or suffering. You are weary from crying and feel overwhelmed. You are so full of sorrow that you feel far from God. Cry out to Him and ask Him for help. He will hear your cry and give you comfort. He can be your Refuge and your Strength. He will hold your hand, and you will not go through this alone.

Perhaps you feel like you are a stranger with God for a different reason. You have drifted and wandered away because you are distracted by life's worries. You are busy and overwhelmed with the details of daily living. He doesn't feel close or important to you anymore. Remember how much you used to love God and how He gave you Peace? Ask for forgiveness and come back to Him. He loves you. He will give you rest and restore your soul. Commit your way to Him, and He will help you navigate through the details.

I hope you all are well. Peace be with you.

- Sonja E. Hansen, M.D.


Christy (Naftzger) Mroz'91

I'm in disbelief that 2011 will be our twenty year reunion! God has been so faithful and good in my life. Immediately after graduation I transitioned a Westmont internship into full-time work in sales for IBM in Santa Barbara. After marrying Greg Mroz, a Santa Barbara native, our sales careers took us on moves to Boulder, Colorado; Austin, Texas; and Orange County. We have been settled now in Solvang, California for the last eleven years raising our two children Branson, 15 and Reagan 13. I have had the joys of being a wife, mother, tennis instructor and a classroom teacher. My husband enjoys his work with Garage Envy designing "dream garages" for clients throughout Southern California. I have enjoyed being able to stay active in Young Life and be close enough to attend Westmont basketball games and stay close with Freshman Page Dorm RA, Kenon Neal and Lisa Murray (Peiffer) '91 who are still my dearest friends. I am thrilled to see my father, Wally Naftzger, work with Westmont's Capital Campaign; in my home town of Dallas, Texas where the event will be held there for Bright Hope for Tomorrow this November 8th. Looking forward to a BIG Homecoming 2011.

- Christy (Naftzger) Mroz '91

Homecoming 2010 is October 1 & 2

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