Greetings Class of 2007!

I'd like to share with you a few thoughts about how God has been using our class to make a difference in the world. It seems like everyone I talk to from our class has a unique testimony of service to tell. Volunteering, advocating, and serving in our communities, it's amazing to me how God is using each of us to reach a world in need. I feel so honored to be your Class Agent, to help us stay connected and involved with Westmont, and to share with you the ongoing story of the Class of 2007!

Below is an article from our classmate John Nelson, who has graciously agreed to give us an update of what he's been up to since graduation. Thank you, John! Let me know if any of you would like to be included in our next newsletter in December.

Blessings to you all! Reply to this email if you have any questions.
Chandra Morris '07

Photo of John

John Nelson

A short time ago in a world very, very near, my chapter at high school was nearly completed. As the final drops of ink detailed the last points of my younger days, it was clear that the time had come to begin writing my next chapter. I had a whole range of paths to take, but I only saw one road: college. From my perspective, the purpose of college was to enhance my ability to think and solve problems, which would put me in the position to begin my career. Ironically, while that purpose was completed, it was not why Westmont was such a successful time in my life. The true fruit that grew at Westmont took two separate, but somehow apposite forms: Friendship and Faith.

My job with the Dutra Group has continually shown me just how precious those two forms have been in my life. Through my three year experience as Operations Engineer, I have worked with a lobbyist group in Washington D.C., at an environmental wetlands project in Napa Valley, CA, and at a construction project building a marina in San Pedro, CA. All three assignments have been a great blessing to me. The Dutra Group gives me a lot of freedom to make decisions and leave my mark on the world I live in.

Faith has been crucial at work. When I arrived at Westmont, God was a spot in space that I could look to and think, 'God is watching over me.' At Westmont, it was very easy for me to believe in God because I was surrounded by people who were zealous believers, many of them stronger than me. Through my years at Westmont, God aggrandized in forms changing from being a point a long way away to being someone who was a part of me and had made a home in my heart. When I got to Dutra, I discovered that most of my coworkers were not believers. I went from being part of a luminous environment where it was acceptable to believe in God to a world where it is advised to leave your faith at home. Indeed, my boss is an atheist who despises the prescience of the Bible or anything that leads to God. It became apparent that it was no longer just a good idea for me to believe and follow Jesus, but absolutely essential that I do.

The greatest way God has shown himself to me is through my friendships. At Westmont, God brought several great people into my life. Each of my friends had a unique perspective on the world. Therefore, God showed me more dimensions to Him and was continuously opening my eyes to how great His love truly is. When I got to the Dutra Group, those friendships became gold. At work, I have run into people with questionable integrity, some of whom have asked me to perform actions that run contrary to the values I learned at Westmont. I began to feel like a light suffocated in a world thick with ominous clouds. However, through Erik Johnson's charismatic personality, Amy Seymour's awesome attitude, Zak Erving's aesthetic views, and many others, God has shown me that there are good people out there. Because of the qualities exemplified in the people that I met at Westmont and continue to interact with, I am empowered and encouraged to be a better individual. I don't think any of these people are aware as to how important they have been to my growth.

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As my life progresses, many more chapters will come and go. However, the foundation that was created at Westmont will be essential to them all. God knew I was supposed to attend this exceptional college. He is continuing to water the seeds he planted during those four years. His eyes are on me at all times as he is pruning and shaping me into a man after His own heart. My hope is that the world will reap from the benefits of the character and values He instilled in me during the glorious years at such a vibrant and beautiful place.

May God bless you all!

Westmont College Class of 2007

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