Greetings Class of 2010!

I trust this summer has been a mix of much deserved relaxation and wild confusion as the reality of 'life' settles in. As we come to grips with the ending of one chapter of our lives and the beginning of another, I would like to introduce myself as your Class Agent. I am pleased to help you stay connected with the beloved college you left behind by...

  • Sending E-Newsletters to keep you posted on news from Westmont and our classmates
  • Offering class networking opportunities to help you reconnect with friends
  • Sending Thank You notes when you give to Westmont
  • Organizing and rallying support for Westmont

In our first newsletter, I'd like to share a personal update as well as some recent news from Westmont...

Photo of meSoon after graduation, my parents gave me a bandanna on a stick, a can of beans and a heart full of dreams. I found a job at ValueClick, which is an online marketing firm based near Los Angeles. I moved in with two friends from high school and I'm enjoying my new found independence. While I search for a permanent church, I'm exploring what it means to bring Christ's love outside the confines of a building and out into the world as it exists around me. Besides my role as the Class Agent, I stay connected to Westmont by listening to chapel online.

Homecoming 2010 is October 1 & 2

All paths lead to Westmont for Homecoming Weekend. The schedule and registration details are online at RSVP by September 24 and save $10.

Westmont Impact tells the story of us!

Why is the world different because Westmont College exists? For the answer go to

Fall 2010: Adams Center and Winter Hall are finished and open for class

After nearly 2 years of construction, Adams Center and Winter Hall are now complete. Together they offer nearly 80,000 square feet of new space for students and professors. Read More...

Westmont and your job search

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Blessings to you all! Reply to this email if you have any questions.

Sammy Acosta '10