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Hello Fellow 1981 Grads,

We hope your 2012 is off to a great start. Over the coming year, the four of us Class Agents (Steve, Kelly, Ed, and Lorinda) will be sending you a series of email newsletters about our class. We would love to include a couple articles each time from you all (similar to the one included from Michelle Lockwood '89). We know that you would shortly get tired of just hearing from the four of us and want this to be a vehicle for communication and ongoing discussion between all of us.

For the coming year, we are hoping to focus the alumni articles on How has God's providence been evident in your life since your time at Westmont. You may choose to focus on career, family, and/or ministry, depending on your story. Please email your articles to one or all of our four emails and depending on the response, we will either spread out publishing them - due to your overwhelming response, OR we will continue to bug and beg you for input in our future newsletters.

As many of you know, our recent reunion was a blast! Below are some photos of our 30th reunion weekend that we took. Enjoy!

Click to view photos from our 30th reunion.

Finally, we wanted to draw your attention to a new tradition for Westmont alumni and parents. For those of you who go to Westmont athletics events off campus, aluni will be sitting together behind the Westmont Bench. We go to a lot of Westmont games around LA, so if you want to sit with ua and other fellow alumni, come and join us behind the Westmont bench!

All of us:

Steve and Kelly Bagdanov
Ed and Lorinda Dry
Class Agents for 1981

P.S. Visit our Class Facebook Page to share your reply with our class.

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Michelle Lockwood '89 describes how God has used her to serve others and make an impact overseas. Read her inspirational story here.

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