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Happy New Year, Class of 2010!

It is my prayer you have noticed God's providence in your life the past year and a half. I say 'notice' because too often life seems chaotic and unsettling. We can become discouraged and even worried God's hand has stopped guiding us. Chapel is no longer required three times a work and perhaps devotions have become more infrequent without your roommate's gentle encouragement. Know that God continues to sustain your thoughts, words, and deeds even when they seem so far from his Truth. He is ever-present; it is only in our mind that we forget this promise. This is a call to turn to your God, and rejoice in His providence. Notice the little things, and believe the big picture will become clearer in time.

Nate Woods, Erika Olson, and Daniel Sheasby echo this theme as they answer the question, "How has God's providence been evident in your life since your time at Westmont?"

Nate Woods

God is always there for us and He always provides direction, so it is hard to just choose one moment! Recently though, He has taught me that it is a joy to share about Him with others! For a long time, I thought it was a heavy burden but this is obviously not true. Let's seek Him like the wise men. In the adventure on the way, whether it be in printing a book, hiking or simply going to the grocery store, He will protect, guide and give us the joy in order to share about the beautiful provision of His Son.

Erika Olson

I think the most conspicuous place I've seen God's providence in my life has been in my career, which is actually my ministry as well. I hold three different positions at two different churches, working with the kids at both then also as a secretary at one. The church is where my heart is at, especially sowing into the next generation; I think God must have known that before I did, since I never thought of going into the church. But all three of these jobs I didn't apply for - they just dropped into my lap! Talk about God's providence! And I love it. Praise God!

Daniel Sheasby

Let's not kid ourselves; times are tough. But when you're kept out of debt with no income and warm in -20 degree weather you know SOMEbody must be watching out for you. My life verse for the last year has definitely been Matthew 6:26.

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