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Happy New Year, Class of 2011!

It's already been the better part of a year since we - well many of our class - left the paths of Westmont in Santa Barbara. In looking forward to the coming year, I want to invite you to stay in touch with me and our class. Please feel free to send updates on what you are up to in this post-grad life! Below you'll find an article from Amy Leh, who is living in New York, as well as some news from Westmont. Our next class newsletter is coming up in April, and I'd love to hear from you if you're willing to share...

Amy Leh

Since I graduated from Westmont, I have experienced God in more ways than I had ever thought possible. This past September I moved out of my parent's basement to New York City. I am currently bunking (literally - I'm on the top bunk) with my sister in a small Upper West Side apartment and trying to get the hang of city life. God has blessed me with so many things here in the city, and I have to remind myself everyday how good He has been to me here.

I was blessed with an awesome job and even better co-workers almost instantly when I moved here. I am currently working for Patagonia, an environmentally conscious outdoor outfitting store. While retail is not one of my long term goals, it is so wonderful and refreshing to work for a company that I am proud of, to have bosses who are intentional about making connections with their employees, and to be in an environment that offers some pretty sweet perks!

I have also been blessed with not one, but two amazing churches (double dipping can be good for the soul)! The city can be such a hard place to live in, and going to church and knowing that I am surrounded by fellow believers (which are hard to find) is an extremely comforting thought. Having my peers praying for me while I pray for them is something I didn't expect to find outside of Westmont, and I have found it here - praise Jesus! Things are not always easy here, and life gets very hectic very fast, but the reminder that Christ remains active in my life, even in the smallest details has helped me get through the roughest parts of time here.

A story of God's provision...
Michelle Lockwood '89 describes how God has used her to serve others and make an impact overseas. Read her inspirational story here.

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Hope each of you had a wonderful and memorable holiday season. Keep in touch my friends!

Maddie Weiss

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