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"Almighty God, in every way, You are above and beyond understanding. If we did not praise, the rocks would cry out. Glorious God, high above understanding."

Little did we know that singing those words in church last Sunday would herald the arrival of the following updates from two of our fellow Class of '91 alumni. Their stories brought tears to our eyes, joy to our hearts and a much needed reminder of how the Lord's ways are often "above and beyond understanding" but, nevertheless, divine and mighty at the same time. We hope you are equally blessed by their honest and deeply personal updates.

Don't forget, this October we will be celebrating our 20 year reunion. Can you believe it? Mark your calendars now for this special time when we will have the opportunity to reconnect and exchange stories, face-to-face. Class of '91 Homecoming & 20 Year Reunion - October 14 & 15.

~ Tyler and Kris Gibbs

Heidi Ammons

Photo of Heidi Ammons and her family

Hi Class of 1991! I hope many of you are planning on attending the big reunion this October, as it's always so enjoyable to rekindle old friendships, catch up on our lives, and create new memories.

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since our graduation. In my mind, it seems like it was only yesterday, which is probably why I can never remember that I am actually now 40-something. Despite the memory loss, God has been good to me since graduation, and for that I am gracious.

After graduating, I worked a fun-filled summer at Disneyland before heading back to Colorado to find a "real" job that would put my Econ/Business degree to work. After two monotonous years at a mutual fund company, the best thing by far that I got out of it was my husband, Henry, whom I met on a blind date that a co-worker set up. With marriage came a new career path as I opted to give the liberal arts aspect of my Westmont education a test when I traded in mutual funds for teaching high school English. Despite the long hours of grading and planning, I enjoyed teaching and was especially thrilled to coach boys' and girls' J.V. soccer for nine years.

In 2002, I hung up the cleats and teaching job to become a full-time mom to Emma Joy. With Emma in tow, Henry and I continued to the things that we so enjoy-skiing and hiking in the Colorado high country, renovating our 1926 bungalow, and playing soccer, while Henry began working in Denver for a Minnesota-based law firm in the IT department.

In 2006, as I was pregnant with our second child, we found out that our unborn son had a chromosomal anomaly called Trisomy 13. We soon learned that this condition would be incompatible with life once Jonah was born; however, we continued with the pregnancy, trusting that God would give us the strength, wisdom, and courage we needed. While God didn't cure our son, we were assured of His presence and His prevailing peace as we encountered so many other miracles that came forth from Jonah's brief life. He was born alive, a miracle in itself, and we were blessed to hold and cherish him throughout his entire 33 hours of life. The journey of grief and disappointment has been a long and difficult one. I don't know how anyone can endure that without having the love and comfort of a Father who knows exactly what it's like to lose a Son. Through it all, I'm so thankful for my relationship with the Lord, my husband and his ongoing support, and the joy that Emma continues to bring to us.

God's timing is perfect though, and His goodness is never-ending. We were pleasantly reminded of this when He surprised us with another pregnancy in 2008. Thankfully, everything went perfectly this time. Hope Katherine was born in September and has brought boundless energy and delight back into our home and hearts. She and Emma are great playmates, and it's a thrill to see yet another miraculous reminder of God's goodness.

For now, I'm still a stay-at-home mom. I volunteer at the girls' schools and enjoy coaching Emma's soccer team (especially now that they are skilled enough to play what actually resembles soccer!). We deeply appreciate the time we spend as a family, hiking, biking, skiing, or just hanging around in the backyard and are often reminded that God continues to give us "strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow . . . Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me."

Photo of Janerl and Eric Lampson

Janerl and Eric Lampson

We were like many Westmont couples when we graduated... full of youthful ambition and dreams with our whole lives ahead of us. We married soon after graduation and started our careers. Five years later, Eric was coaching high school basketball and we started our family with three children. Janerl stayed home to raise toddlers and Eric continued to coach and teach. When the last child was in kindergarten, we were both running a successful mortgage lending and real estate business from home as Eric continued to teach high school and enjoyed coaching the boys' sports teams. It was at this time, in the year 2006, that our lives were completely changed by the word 'cancer.'

Janerl was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer and proceeded to go through every available treatment and 6 surgeries. Just when we felt we were on the way out of the medical jungle, we were hit by Eric's diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis in 2008. What are the odds of two healthy people, under 40 years of age, being diagnosed with two incurable diseases? But God has been faithful as we continue to live for Him and His glory. While Janerl continues treatment for cancer, she is currently cancer free. Eric battles with MS on a daily basis, and he is traveling to Panama City, Panama to undergo a stem cell transplant (using his own stem cells and cord blood) in 3 weeks. He will be there for 2 weeks undergoing treatment and physical therapy. We are praying this will provide some relief to his MS symptoms and slow down or miraculously heal him from the disease. Janerl just finished her teaching credential and is looking for a position to help with health insurance costs, and we are fortunate Eric has a teaching job where he can work and manage his illness. God has used us mightily throughout our trials to help others, and we feel immensely blessed to be used by Him. We enjoy each day with our three wonderful children and the supportive family and friends we have. Our suffering and hurdles we face on a daily basis do not compare to the suffering Christ endured for us. We are truly thankful and feel we are living the "abundant life" despite our facing the sufferings of a 'fallen' world. We truly can, and will, do all things through Christ who gives us strength!

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