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Dear Fellow 2009 Alumni,

I pray that your Spring is off to a great start.

Westmont is working to be a great resource for us in our careers, ministries, and friendships. We as alumni can be a resource for one another by sharing our skills and opportunities we know of with other alumni.

If you're looking for work or Christian networking opportunities, reply to this email with your information. Or, for those of you who know of an opening at your business, church, etc, please send that information in as well. I'll collect your responses and put them in our next newsletter.

I would also like to share with you an update from our classmate Tom Shank...If any of you would like to write an update for our next newsletter, let me know!

In Christ,
Carolyn Joens, Class Agent for 2009

Tom Shank

Photo of Tom Shank


This is Tom Shank, I am a graduate of Westmont's 2009 class. Life since graduation has been full of new experiences, familiar faces, struggles, smiles, tears laughter, miracles and an abundance of blessings. After graduation I moved to Carpenteria with a few other 2009 graduates and had the opportunity to assistant superintend the reconstruction of the faculty homes. After that summer our apartment of guys started to splinter on to our separate ways - either stepping into grad school, marriage, part-time and full time employment, and new contexts of all sorts. My journey continued onward to Tanzania.

Our God exists internationally, something I learned on Potter's Clay while singing my first Spanish modern hymnal. But living internationally with God was a first for me. For ten months Steve Denler (also the class of 2009) and I were privileged to serve alongside Westmont Graduates from the 80's who make up the team of Wild Hope International. Three days after arriving I moved in with a Tanzanian family in the slums of Arusha and started my crash course in Swahili that night over the dinner table - awkward smiles, fumbled speech, and excitement abounded amidst thankful hearts.

Through a local soccer academy I taught English, led a bible study, made friends, lost friends, and learned what it meant to exist in a completely foreign place, and grow in faith. Amidst all the many impacting experiences, the story most often mentioned is the moment God made his presence obviously known, saving my life from 160 foot cliff fall. I suffered some lacerations and a serious concussion; thankfully I remain healthy to this day.

Upon my return after almost a year out of the country I stepped back into America, my origination, and my future with fresh eyes. Starting over wasn't easy, and I remained unemployed for three and a half months. However, after sleeping on many couches while and visiting beloved friends, my future began to hatch. Some dormant interests started to arise and I pursued them as I was able.

Currently I reside in Santa Barbara, work at Career Services office at Brooks Institute. I have joined a writing group started by several Westmont Alumni, and volunteer with Young Life. Life is sweet with the fragrance of Christ, and sometimes a healthy dose of Westmont nostalgia. Much love and many blessings to you all in the name of our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ!

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Please join the campus community in praising God for provision and seeking grace for a strong end to the semester, students dealing with family issues, and for those who have to leave Westmont for financial or other reasons.
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