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Dear Class of 2001,

We hope you had a great Summer with friends and family! We are so excited for our Class of 2001 to reunite after 10 years of having gone our separate ways. We look forward to hearing about your life, meeting your family and enjoying time together. There are plenty of fun events to attend on October 14th and 15th, but please make sure to make your presence at our Class of 2001 Reunion Dinner on October 15th at 5:30pm. Please visit our reunion webpage for all the details:

As always, we welcome and invite you to share with our class an article about what you've been up to recently. We'll include your article in our next newsletter in December. For this newsletter, we'd like to thank Aaron Brunette for sharing his life with us.

In His Grace,
Debbie (Hews) Droshe and Tamara (Wann) Wolf, Class Agents for 2001

Aaron Brunette

Attending Westmont College still represents one of the most memorable times of my life due to lasting relationships with friends and faculty as well as gaining a wonderful education. I never expected that I would be fortunate enough to remain living in Santa Barbara, but I have been blessed with a rewarding and intriguing career at Santa Barbara Asset Management as a Financial Analyst. Throughout the years, I continued my education by attaining an MBA from California Lutheran University and I have a goal of furthering my education in finance. During the last few years, I traveled to Egypt and the Philippines which were both amazing experiences in their own right, and hopefully next year I will be able to visit Peru with some good friends. Currently, I am improving my involvement with the local community and enhancing the relationships with my wonderful friends and family. Westmont has been an amazing part of my life and I think we are all fortunate to share such a positive experience together.

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