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Dear Class of 2009,

I hope your Summer went very well. If you're going to be in Santa Barbara on October 14-15, I hope you'll drop by homecoming and look through some of the improvements that are (still) being made to campus...

After the completion of Westmont's new buildings for Art and Science last year, the Art Department vacated the old "Reynolds Gallery" (you remember the old building situated below Armington near Deane Chapel)...Crews spent the summer transforming the interior of Reynolds into a state-of-the-art Music building, complete with 12 soundproof practice rooms (up from just 4 in their previous home) and faculty offices...Check it out when you're on campus next...The improvement is stunning! And now that music has moved out of Porter Theatre, the Theatre Arts and Biology departments are getting new spaces for their students as well.

As always, I welcome and invite you to send me an article about what you've been up to recently. I'll collect your responses and include them in our next newsletter in December. For this newsletter, Christina Sale (formerly Carpenter) and Cody Atterbury shared updates about their lives these last 2 years. Thank you Christina and Cody for sharing your lives with us!

In His Grace,
Carolyn Joens, Class Agent for 2009

Christina Sale

Photo of Christina and Barret

Class of 2009, I hope you all are doing well and that the last two years since graduation have been life forming. A little update on my life...After graduation I moved to Portland, 1) because Barret Sale ('08) moved there and 2) to start seminary. I began my Master's in Ministry and Leadership with an emphasis in Women's Ministry at Western Seminary in Portland. Christmas of that year Barret proposed and three and a half months latter we said "I Do." Four months into our marriage we discovered that our two-person family would soon turn into three! While I was pregnant Barret completed his Master's in Teaching. The Lord carried us through those nine months of pregnancy, school, work, and internships. On May 15th 2011, Hadley Grace Sale joined our family and we entered the world of late-night feedings, diapers, and baby gear.

The Lord has been good to us. He has been our Provider and Sustainer. Ever since I was little, the Lord had placed on my heart the desire to be a wife and mom. I feel grateful for the things God has done in my life. Hadley is a wonderful gift. She makes me feel as if my heart is walking outside my body. I love being Barret's wife; he is a man that I am proud to follow. Barret is currently teaching English at a Christian high school in the area. I get to be home with Hadley and am experiencing all the joys and challenges of being a stay-at-home mom.

Looking back on my Westmont education, I learned and experienced the depth of the Christian faith and how it permeates all areas of life. I learned that we're all in this together. Barret and I need our friends, old and new. We need others to share with us the joys and struggles of marriage. We need our friends to teach us how to be better parents. I need other women in my life who are figuring things out as well. We need friends who get us and that's why we've been so thankful for the Westmont community.

Christina Sale

Photo of Cody

Cody Atterbury

Greetings Westmont Class of '09!

It seems like it has been quite sometime since we were together last. However, whenever I type or read, "Westmont '09," I can still hear Ross Loofbourrow's, "'09!!!!" echoing in my ears... so perhaps it hasn't been as long as I may think. It is hard to believe that it has really been two years since we walked across the stage at SBCC because once again our campus was threatened by not the first, but the second major fire of the year. If you were like me, you had an amazing experience at Westmont, but when the 2nd fire hit I was ready to get out of there and get on with post-graduate life. Now at times I wonder why I was in such a rush to leave.

As excited as I was to leave our alma mater, I was equally enthusiastic to return a few months later in the Fall with the opportunity to teach what eventually turned into 6 different Badminton courses and a Human Physiology lab over the next 4 semesters...it was awesome! I count it a blessing to have been able to stay connected with Westmont students (including coaching my little brother!) while also regularly popping my head into the Kinesiology offices to see my favorite professors. When I wasn't teaching at Westmont, I worked as an EMT garnering extensive trauma experience in the Santa Barbara Cottage Emergency Room. I assisted in the care of the exigent needs of various patients. The healthcare experience will be useful in my upcoming applications to Physician Assistant graduate school programs next year.

Many of you know that easily the best change and biggest update since Westmont has been marrying my bride Brooke Hill, now Mrs. Brooke Atterbury! It was a pleasure spending the first year of marriage vacationing in Santa Barbara. Currently, we are enjoying our second year of marriage which has taken us from the beaches of Santa Barbara to the rain and beautiful green of the state of Washington for Brooke's Master's program in nutrition.

Many of the changes that have happened in my life since Westmont I had already anticipated beforehand. However, the most difficult and unexpected change was the transition from a large Christian community that I now realize I took for granted. Am I the only one that didn't see this coming? In many ways I left a worshipping Murchison Gym filled with Ben Patterson's teaching to an Emergency Room that sounded like a haunted choir at times, where pain, grieving, and fear are the norm. Although this job is just a stepping stone to what I want to do with my life eventually, I have been trying to become a good steward of this little plot of land God has given me for this season of my life. Ministering to people who are at the lowest point of their lives has been humbling to say the least. As an ambassador of God's love, how do I share Christ's love with people who have given up all hope? It is my delightful opportunity and my burden all at the same time.

Life since Westmont has definitely stretched my experience of God's love, which is so greatly magnified through the Cross. It is there I have rediscovered pain, suffering, forgiveness, redemption, and the eternal joy of His resurrection...a victory. Observing how the love of God and all it encompasses has invaded my role as a husband, coach/mentor, friend, coworker, and healthcare provider has been a glorifying experience. It is my hope and prayer that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you find God's love pursuing you in the midst of it.

I miss you class of '09 and thank God for you.

Grace and Peace,

Cody Atterbury

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