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Hey guys,

This coming weekend is Homecoming at Westmont, and since many won't be able to attend, I thought it would be cool if this newsletter had a bunch of updates from the Class of 2010.

I asked some of your former classmates to write a short summary of their experiences from the past one and a half years. 14 alumni responded and each one has an amazing story to tell. Please take a minute to read what your friends have been up to.


Joshua Luetkehans

The past year and a half since graduation has been crazy. I'm more than halfway through my masters program in Sports Leadership... I'll graduate with an MA in June. I got brought on full-time by Wheaton College's athletic department last week after serving in a part-time role since May 2010. Meghan and I celebrated our one year anniversary and are really loving the married life and are looking forward to what God's got in store for us this next year.

Shannon Hickey

After juggling a couple random jobs - nannying, working as a store clerk, etc - I somehow ended up teaching third grade in a rural bilingual school in Honduras. Now in my last month, I am enjoying my students and their improvement (although their often mangled English is enough to make an English major wince). I have been stretched beyond what I thought I could bear, yet each challenge has come with just enough strength and joy to endure, and I have caught myself singing (oh Westmont!) Great is Thy Faithfulness with new gratitude.

Austin Ward

After spending the first year after graduation waiting tables in Santa Barbara and tutoring elementary students in logic and mathematics in Orange County, I am now enrolled at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, CA completing my first year as a law student. The past two years since graduation have been thoroughly transformative to my person while making the transition from having the concerns of an undergraduate student to those of an apprenticing professional.

Lauren Everly

Since graduation, I finished an internship at the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, where I helped organize and run a national research conference in Washington, D.C. Currently, I'm working as a legal assistant at Maho & Prentice, LLP and enjoying living in Santa Barbara in a house with three other Westmont alumns!

Mary Schuberg

After about a year of saving pennies at my routine waitressing job at CPK - while still getting some time to enjoy the beauty of Santa Barbara - I managed to put myself onto a plane that would not be returning to the homeland for a year or so. I am now 1/2 way through that year, spending 5 1/2 months volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India and now about 3 weeks into Australia, destined for the final leg of my journey in New Zealand starting January. What I've learned and how I've changed and how I think about this life on Earth I cannot summarize because I have not even materialized all of it into words myself (if there are any). I do know that I am not as anxious about the future as I used to be and am even excited at times thinking about all of the gifts I have been given through my education, good friends and family and how I can begin to give those gifts back.

Kirk Reynolds

I'm beginning my second year as a graduate school at UC San Diego working towards my Ph.D. in organic chemistry. I work in the field of marine natural product chemistry and our goal is to find new pharmaceutical drugs from Nature, more specifically, the oceans. I've been extremely blessed to be able to investigate God's creation and creativity at the molecular level.

Anthony Niboli

I work for Pacific Medical selling medical supplies as a rehab associate from Oxnard to San Louis.

Steven Aaron

Following graduation, I worked for a year at an e-commerce company based in Goleta. Recently, I moved out to Omaha to attend Creighton University, where I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Clinical Anatomy.

Peter 'Oklahoma' Drevets

I'm finishing up my pre-med coursework this year and applying to medical school this upcoming summer. I was able to spend part of this last summer in Sweden, which was amazing. Also, right before school started this fall, I managed to catch a 9'2" lemon shark down in Florida, definitely upping my shark fishing to the next level!

Bridget Leivan

I've been in Florida studying for my Master's in Public Health in Global Communicable Disease at the University of South Florida. I am a graduate assistant and help teach an Exotic and Emerging Infectious Disease course at the grad school, and I also am doing research for dengue hemorrhagic fever with strains from the Keys and Malaysia. My classes end in May and I'll be heading down to South America to do work in dengue before graduating in August.

Eric Rindal

Immediately after graduation, I worked with a sheet music publishing house for a year. In May 2011, I moved to Sierra Leone to volunteer with I then moved to Bolivia to continue working with Kiva micro-finance organizations.

Garrett Floyd

Shortly after graduation, I returned to Alaska and was accepted into a management training program at First National Bank Alaska. I am currently employed as a branch manager/loan officer for FNBA in a small coastal town called Seward and am active in both Rotary and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Michael Mantyla

After graduation, I moved to Orange County to start working full time for my parent's company, Baker Party Rentals. I am in charge of the photography on our website, as well as doing accounting work and marketing. I love being able to use both business and art skills I learned at Westmont on a daily basis!

Greg Poyar

Following graduation nearly a year and a half ago I immediately jumped into a sales and management position in my family business of fundraising with non-profits (mostly schools and youth sports programs). It's been a huge bonus coming from a Communications major's perspective and actually having the opportunity to apply my major into a job where I talk for a living. That being said it's been more important to me to see how much college can't prepare you in the same way as real world experience. Being in sales necessitates a thick skin and a mental process that can't be learned anywhere other than on the job. I'd imagine it's the same way in pretty much any other professional field in which you deal with people on a day to day basis. I absolutely love sales though; every dollar that comes in from my accounts is based on my ability to sell my ideas to other people. You can see tangible returns for every action you make and know immediately whether you've been successful or not. The fact I get to help schools and youth programs help themselves doesn't hurt either. Westmont gave me the basics and told me to run with them, and I'm certainly thankful for that so far in life postgraduation.

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