Computer Science 140

Course Description:
Communication basics. Network technologies including packet switching, framing, local and wide area technologies, network addressing, repeaters, bridges, hubs, switches, topologies, next-hop forwarding, shortest path computation, delay and throughput, and protocol layers. Internetworking including IP, TCP, UDP, datagrams, routers, and protocol ports. Network applications including client-server paradigm, domain name system, file transfer, remote login, and email transfer. Web technologies and protocols including HTTP, CGI, and Java. Prerequisite: CS 45 or consent of instructor. (Offered alternate years.)

Kim P. Kihlstrom
Office: Math and Computer Science Building
Phone: 805-565-6864

Spring 2006 Textbook:  
(Future Textbook to be Determined)

Comer, Computer Networks and Internets, 4th ed.

Spring 2006 Course Syllabus

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