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HomePage Server

Contact Information
Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Create Web Space (please use another method as this site will be retired soon)

set aside web space on the "homepage" server for your web site

Instructions for using WebDav:

You must use a WebDav client to upload data to this server.

After you have created web space with the link above, you will need to configure your WebDav software for saving your web pages to our web server. Here is the general configuration information all WebDav software will need:

WebDav Server: http://webdav.westmont.edu:88/{your email account}

Example: http://webdav.westmont.edu:88/gsmith

Your Login Information:
Use your email account name, without the "@westmont.edu" and your email password.

Seeing Your Site on the Web:
You site will be located at:
http://homepage.westmont.edu/{your email account}/{name of html file}