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HomePage Server

Contact Information
Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Mount Your WebSpace On Your Desktop -- Windows XP

1. Double click "My Network Places" on the desktop

2. In the box Network Tasks, click "add a network place."

3. Use the wizard to create a short cut to a network location:

  • click Next
  • select Choose another network location... and Next
  • enter the appropriate url under Internet or network address:
    http://webdav.westmont.edu:88/<your email w/o @westmont.edu>
    click Next
  • enter you email username and password and OK
  • select a name for the shortcut you are creating and Next
  • click Finsh

4. You now have an icon in My Network Place which you can use to add or delete files from your web space.

5. To access these pages from the web use this URL:

http://homepage.westmont.edu/<your email>/<file or path to file name>